Whether you write middle-grade fiction or not, this episode is packed full of helpful insights and practical tips to benefit you throughout your author journey!

Just a few of the topics covered in this episode include:

  • Why  middle-grade fiction is needed now more than ever,
  • What happens when you invite God into the writing (and marketing) process,
  • How to incorporate your experience and culture into the storyline,
  • Making the most of your Amazon Author page,
  • The value of an author website, and
  • A surprising way Canva can help you market your book!

Listen in and be blessed by the wealth of information that middle-grade author RM Ruiz shares with us.

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Resources Mentioned in the Episode

RM Ruiz website

RM Ruiz on Instagram

The Chosen Kids Saga – Book 1


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Question of the Month

I am excited to bring this segment back to the podcast; it’s been a while since I’ve offered the question of the month!

This month’s question:

How often do you visit author websites and what info do you look for while there?

Your responses to these monthly questions are going to provide helpful feedback for all of those listening. It’s going to help other writers hear what people are looking for when they’re going to author websites so that they can streamline their own author website.

And this is what I’m so excited about: It’s also free promotion for you because in addition to answering the question, it’s an opportunity for you to be featured on the podcast!

Be sure to share:

Your response to the question,

your name.

your most recent book or blog title and its genre, and

the website address that you would like listeners to go to.

How exciting is that?! I hope that you will take me up on this opportunity!

Listen to the podcast to learn how to submit your response by midnight EST March 31.

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