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Ready for some Black Friday savings?!

As a writer, you use a variety of supplies, tech, and software on a weekly basis. Why not stock up and spend less on the things you use? I’m a big fan of saving money when possible, so I compiled this short list of things I use – and a few things I have my eye on because, well, they’re just really cool – to help you save money, too. Happy shopping!

Black Friday Deals on Office Supplies

These are the things we often don’t think about on Black Friday, but are items we can still save money on. So why not buy them now?

As for me, I’m obsessessed with sticky flags, the red Uniball pen (for the editor in me), and binder clips.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Flags

Uniball Pens


Idea notebook


Paper Clips and Binder Clips

Monthly Whiteboard and Corkboard Combo

Flash Drives

Black Friday Deals on Tech

Whether you’re planning to guest on (or host) podcasts, create YouTube videos, or simply tap away at your computer in 2024, you’re going to need various pieces of equipment. Why not get (or upgrade) these tech essentials now?

Microphone (this one isn’t currently on sale, but it’s the one I use)

Microphone base

Audio Technica Headset (this one isn’t currently on sale, but it’s the one I use and right now, it’s still cheaper than the one that is on sale)


Keyboard and Mouse

Retro-style keyboard

Ring Light


Black Friday Deals on Software

On the heels of tech, your writing life also requires the use of various softwares. From your website to writing programs and beyond, here are some of my top picks (each of which I personally use).

Scrivener writing program

Divi theme for WordPress websites

InMotion website hosting

BuzzSprout podcast hosting


Black Friday Deals for Fuel and Focus

Am I the only one who values ambiance, something warm to drink, and an afternoon pick-me-up of chocolate while writing? I didn’t think so. Check out these deals, including the ESV Study Bible to help you stay focused on the most important things.

Dark chocolate bars 

Coffee mug warmer

Keurig K-mini single serve coffee maker

Bamboo tumbler with tea infuser and strainer

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Wax melt warmer

ESV Study Bible (hardcover)


Black Friday Deals on Performance Items

These are items that might help you become more productive or comfortable while you work.

Standing desk

Office chair

Kindle Scribe (a Kindle Paperwhite and digital notebook, all in one – with a digital pen)


    Ready? Go Snag Your Black Friday Deals!

    Now that you’re armed with a shopping list, I hope that you can use it to take advantage of some great deals!

    Was this post helpful to you? Share your comments or mention what you think I should have added to the list – I would love to hear from you!



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