Ink and Impact

Ink and Impact Podcast

Hosted by Dalene Bickel

The mission of the Ink and Impact podcast is to educate, encourage, and embolden God’s writers.

* Writers of all ages, races, and nationalities whose goal is to create quality nonfiction and fiction books that offer light, hope, and truth to a weary and waiting world.

* Writers who are ready to step out in faith and share their God-inspired stories.

* Writers who see the overwhelmingly dark titles featured prominently on bookstore shelves and are willing to create alternatives.

* Writers who take their craft seriously and understand that God should be glorified in all they do.

Ink and Impact addresses not only tips and best practices to help you improve your craft and magnify your message, but also guide you through the ENTIRE writing journey.

From overcoming fears and building your faith, to discovering fellow writers and keeping a pulse on the overall publishing industry – the goal is to help you keep God at the center of it all.

Weekly rotating content includes:

* Occasional interviews with Christian authors and industry professionals who will share their insights and experiences to help you navigate your own writing path,

* Book recommendations,

* Listener feedback opportunities (polls, surveys, & call-ins),

* Announcements about author events,

* Occasional giveaways,

* And more!

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Remember: Don’t just write a book. Make an impact.

Show Notes

Ep.2 – Are You Focusing on the Right Thing?

Ep.2 – Are You Focusing on the Right Thing?

  Today on the Ink and Impact podcast, we’re talking about the importance of writers focusing on the right thing. Whether you’re a first-time aspiring author or a widely recognized writer, there are a gazillion things to do when writing, publishing, and marketing...

Ep.1 – How Do You Define a Christian Book and Author?

Ep.1 – How Do You Define a Christian Book and Author?

How do you define a Christian book and author?  Today on the Ink and Impact podcast, we're answering this question. I have to admit, for a long time, I assumed Christian books consisted of Bibles (obviously), devotionals, concordances, Bible studies, Sunday...


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